Critical thinking samurai defending against Critical thinking killer ninjas
Sketched by Anton Nikolov

When facing complex and overwhelming challenges, we are more predisposed to experience paralyzed thinking. In such situations, it is important to apply critical thinking, based on fact-based and rational arguments. Critical thinking is what allows us to adapt to the ever-changing environment. It is the discipline to formulate quality questions…

Termometer and thermostat drawn by hand
Drawing by Anton Nikolov

When you put many thermometers in a hot room the temperature won’t change. They will show the temperature as it is and do nothing about it.

As human thermometers, we have the tendency to point out how the temperature changes until it reaches the melting/freezing point. …

Great people listen to what others are saying. Wise people listen not only to other people but also to themselves.

Learn to listen. Did you know that the word listen tells you how to do so?
It is an anagram of the word silent.

Don’t just be quiet but also…

Anton Nikolov

Searching for pragmatic balance in life. Writing about UX Design, Health and Self-development with the aim to learn and inspire.

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