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Anton Nikolov
2 min readFeb 6, 2019

Great people listen to what others are saying. Wise people listen not only to other people but also to themselves.

Learn to listen. Did you know that the word listen tells you how to do so?
It is an anagram of the word silent.

Don’t just be quiet but also be present. Keep your mind in the present. It will help you reap the benefit of listening. It will help you become wiser.

Even mother nature has given us directions of how much to listen and talk by giving us 2 ears and 1 mouth. Use that ration as a guiding principle when you wonder how much to listen.

Listen so you can show respect to others and yourself. People crave to feel understood. Listening will get you closer to this understanding.

Listen to yourself when you talk to other people! Be aware of what comes out of your mouth. It might be too sharp and painful to others. Don’t just think and talk. Listen, think and correct in time before you cause pain by saying something hurtful.

A comment and compliment can have a long-lasting effect on the receiver. Be aware of what you speak and listen to yourself. Be kind and be strict if the situation requires it.

Take time to stay with your thoughts, observe and listen to them. It is an essential skill if you want to progress and learn. Many of the keys to success are unlocked by listening especially to yourself.

Listening to yourself will help you learn what makes you happy and what way in life is best suited for you. Listen to your emotions and understand what generates them.

Be an active listener that asks questions powered by curiosity. This is valid both for listening to others and to yourself.

Remember this

Use your hearing to listen. Pay thoughtful attention and give consideration. Gather data and make sense of it.

Keep your mind present and open. Listen not only to the outside noise but the one happening inside your head. Listen and understand.

Listen to yourself and act in meaningful ways!

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