Critical thinking samurai defending against Critical thinking killer ninjas
Sketched by Anton Nikolov

When facing complex and overwhelming challenges, we are more predisposed to experience paralyzed thinking. In such situations, it is important to apply critical thinking, based on fact-based and rational arguments. Critical thinking is what allows us to adapt to the ever-changing environment. It is the discipline to formulate quality questions…

Termometer and thermostat drawn by hand
Drawing by Anton Nikolov

When you put many thermometers in a hot room the temperature won’t change. They will show the temperature as it is and do nothing about it.

As human thermometers, we have the tendency to point out how the temperature changes until it reaches the melting/freezing point. …

Two design paths. One attempts to reach perfect design outcome and the other one reaches to excellent design.

With this post, I want to share a piece of advice with people who are starting their journey on the Designer’s path or have recently started.

Approaches like the Lean Design and Design sprints have become more or less the norm these days. Yet, it seems many new designers think…

There is plenty of info on working remotely and also many Designers are not new to this way of working. Going to the neighbourhood coffee shop drinking and making the world a better place has been around for many years.

The difference is that the governments these days are asking…

Recently I was in an elevator where I was asked what I learned from all the books I’ve read this year. It was difficult to give an answer because of the short elevator ride. …

Drawn by Anton Nikolov

Let’s talk about sticky products and how we use them in our daily life. If they are good or bad for us and what can we do to stay on the good side of using them.

Have you heard recently one of these pieces of advice from a wise friend?

Great people listen to what others are saying. Wise people listen not only to other people but also to themselves.

Learn to listen. Did you know that the word listen tells you how to do so?
It is an anagram of the word silent.

Don’t just be quiet but also…

Stress levels can escalate quickly if we don’t watch them. Stress levels are going up from several main aspects of our daily life. Work-related stress is due to the amount of time spent on work-related activities. Family, spouse and friends-related stress is another big part of what adds droplets to…

The more real-life experience I gain the more I realize how important the concept of feedback is for becoming a better human, designer, and for creating valuable experiences.

Thanks to the feedback we as humans have been surviving and evolving for millennia. …

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

The article is focused on the performance load in relation to what the user experiences, when using the product. The assumption is that the system/product is working within acceptable speeds and can bare the usage load.

So, performance load in the context of this post, means mental or physical effort…

Anton Nikolov

Writing about pragmatic design, health and self-development with the aim to inspire and enable the readers.

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